Summer is coming to an end and Winter is not too far away. The best thing about Winter is skiing. Now gamers don’t have to wait until winter to create a thriving ski resort. Alawar has announced the release of Ski Resort Mogul for the PC. Ski Resort Mogul is a business simulation game.

Players are given buildings at the beginning of each level. Those buildings have to be upgraded along the way to attract guests. The money to upgrade the buildings and buy new buildings comes from the hotel services and other amenities. The better service hotel guests receive, the more money players will earn. Players have to turn their meager buildings into grand ski resorts. It won’t be easy, but becoming the best at something never is.

If you are into business simulation games, check out Ski Resort Mogul.

Press Release Follows:

ALEXANDRIA, Va., August 12 — Alawar Entertainment, a leading publisher and distributor of casual games, today released Ski Resort Mogul, a downloadable business sim for the PC.  In the game, the player builds a network of five-star hotels and renovates a run-down resort in preparation for a winter sports competition.  The full version of the game is available at for $9.95.  Alawar is also offering a free one-hour demo.

At the beginning of each level in Ski Resort Mogul, the player is given several basic buildings, which he or she must upgrade in order to attract guests.  The player is also given the opportunity to purchase other buildings that don’t belong to him or her.  To earn the money for renovations and purchases, the player must improve the services at his or her hotels, and build new hotels and amenities, allowing guests to eat a fine meal and warm their frostbitten toes after a day on the slopes.

Turning a handful of rickety cabins into a high-class mountain resort won’t be easy, but by investing his or her earnings in workers and supplies, and by placing new hotels and amenities in the right spots, virtual entrepreneurs will experience an avalanche of success.

Throughout the game, the player will also build a ski lift, create a half pipe, design new slopes, and more.

“Featuring vibrant graphics, a step-by-step tutorial and several trophies, Ski Resort Mogul is the perfect distraction from the daily grind any time of year,” says Kirill Plotnikov, vice president of publishing at Alawar.  “We believe players will enjoy watching their profits go up as their guests ski down the powdery slopes at their posh retreats!”


  • 12 bonuses
  • 40 levels
  • Five characters
  • Five different hotels
  • Six different services
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