Super Search 60 is a fast paced searching game for the iPhone/iPod Touch. The game contains a bunch of different objects splattered all over the screen and players must find a certain item. The game is a different take on hidden object games. Instead of searching for a list of objects set in a background the player is searching for one object amongst a screen of objects.

The player has to find the object that is spelled out at the top of the screen. As soon as the object(s) are found they are replaced with new objects and the player starts hunting for a new object. The goal is to accumulate as many points as possible in 60 seconds. The faster you find the objects the more points you attain. It can be challenging to find some of the objects because the player has an idea of what the object should look like, but it may not look like that. For instance, the player will have to find a basket ball and most players will be looking for an orange colored ball, but the basket ball may not be orange it can be green or any other color.

Super Search 60 has a Facebook connect feature that allows players to post their scores to their Facebook page. Now players have another addiction to keep them coming back and playing. Players can compare their scores to their friends scores and see who is the better searcher.

The touch mechanics in the game work well and make for an easy way to play the game. Once the player finds the object, they simply touch it and it clears off the screen. There was never a problem with the touch controls and everything worked as expected.

Over all, Super Search 60 is fun and addicting. It is hard to just play one round of the game and put it down. The games are short and happen in 60 seconds, but before you know it you have spent and hour playing the game. There is a part of me that wanted to see if I could beat my old score each time. There are two versions of the game on the Apple App Store. One version is free and the other will set you back $1.99. The full version has unlimited game play and gets updates faster. A $1.99 is a fair price for a fun and addicting game.

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