Naughty Classroom 2 is a cross between a hidden object game and a chain reaction game. The objects aren’t necessarily hidden, but you do have to figure out which object to click on to get the chain of events rolling. Players can click around until their heart is content, but won’t make anything happen until they click on the correct object. naughty-classroom-2-2

Naughty Classroom 2 kind of sounds like it could be an adult game, but it is not. The game takes place in a classroom and the chain of events that transpire are all aimed at the teacher, making for a naughty classroom. Players can get hints, but the hints can be just as cryptic as the game. Once players figure out what is going on, the hints make a little more sense.

The objects that need to be clicked are spread around the classroom amongst other objects. Initially, it is unclear which objects need to be clicked on to get the events started. The cursor will change form an arrow to a hand when an item can be clicked on, which helps a bit. There are two types of objects, objects that are stored in “inventory” and objects that are used right away.

naughty-classroom-2-21The objects stored in “inventory” are used at some point in time or take a person to use. For instance, players can click on a rope. The rope goes into inventory. The rope needs to be clicked on and then a student needs to be clicked on. The student co-conspires with another student to get the teacher to walk into the rope, which gains points for the player. The game continues that way until the player has click on all the objects and set all of the events into motion.

All the events involve pranks on the teacher. Each prank gains the player points. Each pranks leads to the next prank. The pranks all build off of each other and order matters. Players can’t click on objects until they perform the pranks in the right order.

Naughty Classroom 2 takes a couple plays to get use to, but then becomes fun and challenging. Initially, the challenge is finding the object to get the ball rolling. Once the first couple of pranks are done, the challenge is getting through the game before time runs out. If you are looking for a fun, challenging game of pranks, check out Naughty Classroom 2.

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