3 Stars of Destiny is a role playing game (rpg) where players have to help save three humans from an evil god. A witch for the evil god has discovered that power can be sucked out of certain humans and used to make the god even stronger. The god sets out to get more power and the player ends up stumbling into the plot. 3-stars-destiny

Players have plenty of game play to keep them entertained. There are more than fiftey quests to complete requiring sixty hours of game play. The quests are sort of linear. Players start out on one quest and can pick up quests along the way, but the new quests won’t be completed until the original quest is complete. The original quest is completed and the character “remembers” he has other quests.

Another aspect of role playing games is character development. There are multiple characters you can have in your party. This feature reminds me of Final Fantasy. Players quest as one character, but the one character becomes a party of characters during battle. In other words, you don’t have your entire party on the screen while you are completing quests. The party comes into play when random battles pop up. Players can choose what they would like to do in the battles. They can defend or attack. If they choose to attack, they can fight using a weapon, use a skill or use an item. Points are dealt and, hopefully, the enemy dies. Players will gain experience and items when they can defeat the enemy. Players are able to increase the stats for all of their party members and tweak them the way they like.

The graphics in 3 Stars of Destiny are nice, but small. There were a few times I was exploring the map and got stuck on something because I didn’t see it on the map. Once I looked a bit closer, I saw what I was stuck on and easily went around it, but the graphics could have been a bit bigger. The background is nice looking on the different levels.

Over all, 3 Starts of Destiny is an entertaining role playing game. If you like final fantasy type games, you will enjoy this game too. The game is a classic role playing game and would be a great buy for anyone that enjoys role playing games. If you are not a role playing fan, this may not be the game for you. The game revolves around quests and progressing the story line in a fun and entertaining way.

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