Mystery PI - The Vegas HeistPopCap has announced the release of Mystery P.I. – The Vegas Heist from their latest acquisition SpinTop Games. Mystery PI – The Vegas Heist is a hidden object game that takes place in Las Vegas and is the sequel to Mystery PI – The Lottery Ticket.

Four billion dollars in cash has just been stolen from the brand new Las Vegas casino and it is the day before the casino is set for the grand opening. You guessed it, you are the hired detective to find the money and your fee is $50 million. Players try to solve the clues by finding over 2,300 hidden objects through out 25 different levels. If players can complete each level perfectly, they will receive bonus points. Your private investigator level improves as you gather the clues.

Press Release Follows:

Vancouver, British Columbia – May 19, 2007 – SpinTop Games, a division of leading casual game developer and publisher PopCap Games, today announced the immediate availability of Mystery P.I. ™ – The Vegas Heist, a new “hidden object” puzzle game with a Las Vegas storyline. A sequel to the popular Mystery P.I. – The Lottery Ticket launched last year, Mystery P.I.  – The Vegas Heist challenges players to solve the crime of the century by exploring dozens of “crime scenes” and other locations for hidden “clues.” Mystery P.I. – The Vegas Heist carries a retail price of US$19.95, and a free trial of the deluxe version is available now for download at and The game will also be available on other leading game portals, including, MSN Gaming Zone and Yahoo! Games, later this quarter.

“There’s no better place than Las Vegas to solve a multibillion-dollar theft via hidden object puzzles – from deep inside a casino’s vault, to the Vegas Strip, hotels, limousines and exclusive country clubs, the locations were all created to transport players to this amazing city,” stated Duncan Magee, co-director and co-founder of SpinTop. “Our entire team rallied behind bringing the visual excitement of Vegas to a casual game. In addition to creating more than two dozen intriguing locations, we focused our efforts on making Mystery PI Vegas a game for all those arm chair detectives out there – players must spot clues and solve riddles to find the money!”

In Mystery P.I. – The Vegas Heist, the theft of the century has just happened! Over $4 billion in cash has been stolen from the state’s newest casino the day before its grand opening, and the casino has hired you to find the money – fast. Your fee will be $50 million if you succeed. Investigate 25 intriguing Vegas locations to find over 2,300 cleverly hidden objects. As your investigation skills improve, your P.I. rank increases. Strive for a Perfect Investigation every time to earn bonus points. The game offers two addictive ways to play: in Vegas Heist mode, you must find clues and piece the clues together to discover the location of the money and return it before the casino’s grand opening. In the unlockable Unlimited Seek & Find mode, you can search for every hidden object in every scene with no time limits.

Key features of Mystery P.I. – The Vegas Heist include:
·         Find over 2,300 cleverly hidden objects.
·         Investigate 25 lushly rendered Vegas locations to locate and return the stolen money.
·         Play 5 unique mini-games: Word Search, Tile Rotation, Tile Swap,  Jigsaw and a unique crime-solving puzzle.
·         Locate the secret keys and poker chips to unlock Unlimited Seek & Find game mode.
·         Go for a Perfect Investigation and speed bonuses to become a Master P.I.

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