Tongits is a card game developed in Adobe AIR. Adobe AIR looks similar to flash, the application itself, but instead of being able to play on a web page you need to download and install the Adobe AIR application and the Tongits application. Players are able to install Adobe Air through the web page. The benefit to Adobe AIR over downloadable games is that games using Adobe Air run on any operating system and there is no need for a separate game for a Windows platform or a Mac Platform. Tongits

Togits is a Filipino rummy card game. The goal of the game is to get rid of all of your cards before the draw deck runs out. Players get rid of their cards by placing down cards that are three of a kind or more. The other way to get rid of your cards it to build a three or more card straight flush out of them. In other words, the three or more cards need to be in order and all need to be the same suit.

A round begins and the player has to use the card on top of the discard pile or has to draw from the face down pile. If the player chooses to take a card from the discard pile, also known as the chow, they have to match that card that turn. If you choose not to take a card from the discard pile, then you need to pick up a card from the draw pile.

The game ends when the draw pile runs out, a player calls draw, or a player calls Tongits. At any time before you draw a card you are able to hit the draw button. When a player calls draw, all of the players have to compare the value of their hands. You have two options when draw is called, you can fold or challenge. If you challenge then all the players that challenge add up the total of their hands and the player with the lowest scoring hand wins. The hands are automatically added for you so there is no need to know the value of the cards you hold. If you choose to fold, then you automatically lose that round. If the draw pile runs out, it is the same as a player calling draw. Everyone’s hand is tallied up and compared and the lowest scoring hand wins. If the player manages to discard all of their cards, they are able to call Tongits and will win that round.

At this point you may be wondering what you win at the end of each round, well that is money of course. Every player starts out with a bank and each round each player makes a bet to the pot. The pot grows through out the rounds and the winner of that round takes the pot and the game keeps playing. The game ends when you have no more money left to bet.

Tongits is a really addicting card game. Tongits may seem hard to play as you read through this, but it is not hard to get the hang of. The game is a bit complicated to explain, but not complicated to play. I really liked it and kept playing round after round. If you have never played Tongits, or if you are in to card games, check out Tongits.

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