My Word CoachUbisoft, like many other big “hardcore” game developers, has started a division to focus on making casual games. Making casual games is something new to Ubisoft so they turned to the expert in that market, Nintendo, for some help. Two developers from Ubisoft flew out to Japan last year to get a lesson in making casual games. The developers from Ubisoft were invited to Nintendo by Nintendo’s president, Satoru Iwata. Iwata had been in California earlier that year and stopped by Ubisoft to see a demo of their game code named Pasta Letter.

The visit was definitely worth it to the developers from Ubisoft. After the visit with Nintendo, Ubisoft decided to start the entire project over from scratch. Ubisoft learned that they needed to keep games easy, but intriguing. Many hardcore game developers are use to making intricate games that keep gamers interested for hours at a time. Casual games don’t have the same goal. Casual games are designed to be picked up and played by the general public, without a steep learning curve.

“Our strategy is to build brands like we do in other sectors,” says Key. The advice from Nintendo that Ubisoft now uses in those games: Remember that it can never be too simple.

The game was released on November 6th and is called My Word Coach.

Thanks Business Week

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