The 80′s Game with Martha Quinn reminds me of the game You Don’t Know Jack. The 80′s Game with Martha Quinn is a trivia game with questions all about the 1980′s. There are different categories about the 80′s and different modes of play. 80's game with martha quinn

The modes of play vary. There is a episode mode of play where you answer different questions regarding 80′s topics on TV, songs, movies and even Tom Cruise. There is also a challenge mode where you want to score as many points as you can. The object of scoring the most points is to get a star. The minimum points to score a star is 50,000 points.

The challenge round is different. You answer questions on one entire subject for that challenge. You can pick which difficulty as well. The harder the difficulty the more points you earn for the answer. The question is presented first and then you have the option to guess or say you know it. If you pick you know it, you get one shot at the answer and if you are wrong you get no points. If you say guess it, you get multiple shots at the answer and will get points accordingly. If you get the answer correct on the first try you get the most points. The know it option gives more points over all than the guess it option.

screenshot from casual game the 80's game with martha quinnThe voice in the game is Martha Quinn who use to be a VJ on MTV back in the day. She talks in the beginning and the end of the levels, basically. The questions are all text based and you need to read them yourself.

Over all, I found the game fun to play. I didn’t think I was going to like it at first. Having lived through the 80′s I found the questions entertaining. I also found out that I don’t know as much about the 80′s as I thought. There were popular TV shows that I knew of and mainly because I watched them in reruns not when they first aired.

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